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It is important to begin growing cannabis with the right soil. Otherwise, your marijuana plants may not be healthy and productive. If you have an indoor cannabis grow set-up, you need the best soil for growing weed indoors. Our guide dives into what factors to consider and the best ones. In this post we are going to talk about the best soil for weed and what to take into account before choosing the one that will suit your grow

What is the Best Soil for Cannabis, Weed, and Marijuana?

Everyone has heard about people just growing cannabis in their backyard or out in the woods. Yet as with any crop, growing cannabis in regular soil really is not ideal. If you have ever grown fruits or vegetables, you know that different types of plants need different nutritional content. Even growing something as simple as grass requires specific soil acidity levels and fertilizers.

In this article, we will cover why growing cannabis in regular soil is not ideal, what the best type of soil really is, and tips for getting the best grow.

Why Regular Soil Is Not Ideal for Growing Marijuana?

When starting a traditional garden, many gardeners have to spend months enriching their soil. But even enriching soil is not always ideal for growing marijuana. If you have been to a garden center, you may have noticed that there are different blends of soil for things like succulents, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Different types of plants need different levels of nutrients. Soils tend to differ in five major ways: drainage, nutrients, texture, pH level, and water retention.

What is the Best Soil for Cannabis?

There are dozens upon dozens of different brands of soil. What you will need to look for is soil that has the right blend of attributes for your marijuana plants. Here is what you need to know:

  • Drainage. Some plants will rot readily if their roots are allowed to remain moist. High drainage soils are frequently used for plants such as succulents, in order to make sure that their roots dry out quickly. The addition of things like “perlite” improve drainage. Cannabis does not need high drainage. Moderate to low drainage is fine.
  • Water retention. This controls how long water will be retained in the soil. If you have soil with low water retention, you will need to water your plants more frequently. Cannabis plants like water, which means you want soil with high water retention. Soils that include peat moss are a good choice, as this keeps the soil moist.
  • Nutrients. If you are growing cannabis, it is very likely that you are going to be adding a nutrient base of fertilizer to your soil regardless. That means that in terms of nutrients, you really just want a high quality, general purpose soil. Many prefer organic soils, to ensure that the cannabis that they receive will be organic. Organic soils do not have added chemicals that could be harmful.
  • Texture. The texture of your soil can range from a coarse soil to a very silt-like soil. In reality, this does not matter so much for cannabis: you can choose a soil texture that makes the most sense in your setup. If you are growing in pots, you may want a potting soil that holds together better. If you are planting outside in raised garden beds, you may want a heavier, more clay-filled soil. pH level. This is the acidity or basicness of the soil. Cannabis tends to prefer its environment to be slightly acidic. In general, the best soil for cannabis is going to be between 6 to 6.8 pH.

These are all the attributes of the soil itself. You can alter these attributes through the use of fertilizers. For instance, frequently you may add nutrients such as nitrogen to the soil through a fertilizer. Because of this, getting the right blend for your marijuana plants is actually a bit complex. You may need to fine-tune your soil and fertilizer combination over time, and if there are any issues you see in your plants (such as wilting) they may be directly related to soil, drainage, light, or any other number of factors. Consider taking the guesswork out of having to mix fertilizers or nutrients by utilizing a fully amended living soil, such as SoHum Living Soil®.

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Tips for Growing in Higher Quality Soil

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Best Soil For Growing Weed Indoors

If you have an indoor cannabis grow set-up, you need the best soil for growing weed indoors. Our cannabis soil guide dives deep into the factors to consider when shopping for soil for pot plants including its drainage, water retention, and texture.

In addition, we list our favorite potting soil products for cannabis, so you can grow big and bountiful yields time after time.

Choosing the Best Soil for Indoor Cannabis Gardens

When shopping for the best potting soil for cannabis, there are few factors to consider. First, how many plants are you intending to grow? This will help determine the amount of soil you will need.

Above all, you want soil with plenty of nutrients, proper drainage, and good water retention. Here are some factors to consider when buying the best potting soil for weed.


The best soil for growing weed indoors includes an optimum mixture of silt, sand, and clay soil, known as loamy soil. Ideally, the mix should have about 40% silt, 20% sand, and 40% clay.

Make sure your plants get a loose and light soil texture to help with root growth and ensure oxygen gets to your roots.


Cannabis potting soil requires proper soil drainage. When watered, the soil should not hold the water too much to where it pools on the top. If you have bad drainage, your plants can be vulnerable to root rot and mold.

Water Retention

While you want soil with proper drainage, you also don’t want the water to completely flush through without allowing the roots to take in water and nutrients.

Water retention refers to your soils ability to hold water. The best soil for growing pot indoors has balanced drainage and water retention properties.

PH refers to how alkaline or acidic solution is. Cannabis thrives in a soil pH range between 5.5 and 6.5. Deviating slightly from this range won’t cause too much damage but if it goes well beyond the range, you can get stunted growth, lower yields, and dead plants.


Nutrients are your cannabis plants life force. Most ready-to-use and organic soil mix for weed is packed with nutrients for your cannabis.

Keep in mind, the nutrients in your soil mix don’t last forever. At most, they can last a few weeks and require you to keep a close eye on any nutritional deficiencies or signs of overfeeding.

Best Soil for Growing Weed Indoors

1. FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil

FoxFarm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil is ready-to-use for indoor and outdoor applications. Happy Frog potting soil features soil microbes such as mycorrhizae and humic acid to improve root growth and nutrient uptake.

Other goodies include bat guano, aged forest products, and earthworm castings. Keep in mind, this soil is designed for container planting.

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2. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest Potting Soil features a robust blend of ingredients from the “earth and sea.” Its powerful ingredients include fish emulsion, aged forest products, earthworm castings, crab meal, and sphagnum peat moss.

Its sandy loam, aged forest products, and sphagnum peat moss give this soil a properly aerated texture that is sure to improve nutrient uptake. This soil is also designed for container use.

3. Super Soil Organic Concentrate

From Nature’s Living Soil, the Super Soil Original Organic Concentrate comes in a 1, 5, or 10 lb. bag. All you need to do is add your preferred organic potting media to complete your mix. It contains all organic ingredients that your plant will need to thrive.

Full of helpful microorganisms and fungi, this concentrate can produce the best-looking and tasting buds around. Ingredients include organic earthworm castings, bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, azomite, epsom salt, coconut water powder, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, and so much more.

4. FoxFarm Coco Loco Potting Mix

FoxFarm’s Bush Doctor Coco Loco is a coconut coir potting mix meant to recreate the tropical jungle floor. Light and airy, it does this by incorporating layers of exotic coconut palm humus which can hold more than its weight in water while still retaining great drainage characteristics.

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Its ability to hold onto water will mean you wont need to water your garden as often. Water every few days for best results.

5. Big Rootz All-Purpose Potting Soil

Big Rootz’s All-Purpose Potting Soil features a professional-grade composition at a budget-friendly price. This cheap soil for growing weed is meant for indoors or outdoor gardens and has been Certified Green Clean (CGC).

A team of weed growers developed this high-quality formula that combines rapid-release amendments with medium and slow release for an optimal performance.

6. Roots Organics Rod Original Potting Soil

Roots Organics Original Potting Soil is ready-to-use for your indoor garden. Its formula is perfectly designed for aeration and water retention so you can feed your plants frequently for fast growth.

Plus, the soil bags can be used as pots. Simply cut off the top, add in your plant, and you’re set. Ingredients include coco fiber, perlite, peat moss, pumice, composted forest material, bat guano, worm castings, fish bone meal, and much more.

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Best Soil for Growing Weed

In this article we are going to talk about the best soil for weed. Any decent cannabis grower wants to know what are the best products for growing weed properly. Sometimes, there is a tendency to choose soils for weed based only on their price, when maybe spending a couple of extra quid would be helpful to solve future issues related to soil. This article is here to explain the pros and cons of the best soils for weed plants.

Soil is a mix of different compounds that humans have been using for centuries to improve their crops. In this case, seeing as we are talking about the best soils for growing marijuana we are going to look for compositions that cover this type of plants’ needs so they can develop fully and healthy.

Apart from mixtures that you can make yourself with different peats, mixtures like hummus, perlite and other additives, we’re going to focus on mixtures that come ready-made. This is the easiest way to choose the best soil for your grow. Some substrates are light (without any fertilizers, and almost 0.0 EC) and others come loaded with nutrients. Depending on what nutrients they have, they’ll be more suitable for the growing stage or the flowering stage.

Today, we’ll focus on some well-known light substrates (without additives):

Light Mix (BioBizz)

This mixture is perfect for growers that don’t fancy the idea of taking care of their plants every single day. It’s a high quality peat moss mix that retains humidity well. Even in hot regions you’d only have to water the weed plants every 2 or 3 days. During the early growing stages, plants need to be well taken care. This mix will be very helpful while the root development is taking place so that the soil doesn’t get too soaked. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get it dry again and the excessive humidity can severely damage the roots and choke the plant. If you water your plants correctly, this product is one of the best ones to use as it has plenty of benefits. Its EC values range between 0.5-1 and the PH levels should be between 6-6.8.

When using this substrate, 1L of water was enough to cover the needs of a flowering plant in a 7L pot for 48h.

Canna Terra Professional (Canna) soil for weed

This product is the most sold substrate because it has a great price and offers amazing results. It is a soil mixture that if well-treated, will treat you well in return. It’s extremely efficient in grows that have an automatic watering system, because it doesn’t hold a lot of humidity and it dries quickly, allowing for the plants to be watered frequently. This soil has Sphagnum peat and perlite in its composition. Placing clay pebbles, perlite or coco fiber on the bottom of the pots is advisable to ensure a good drainage.

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Weed plants shouldn’t be left to dry out too much as it can be difficult to dampen them again. A tray with some water can be placed under the cannabis plants so the soil gets damp without any major difficulty. When dampening the soil, you shouldn’t compact the substrate too much because you’ll end up losing the perfect oxygen/water ratio, and you’ll end up with too much water. This is bad for the roots and can lead to rot.

An adult plant in the middle of its flowering stage will need 1L of water a day when using this substrate.

Light Mix (Plagron)

This soil has a spongy feel to it, similar to coco substrate but with the same consistency as soil. It’s a mixture of the best moss and it has no additives, so fertilizers can be used without any problems. Another special quality of this mixture is its capacity to retain nutrients. If this substrate is used in conjunction with an organic fertilizer (we recommend Top Crop or Plagron) grows will be considerably tall. This soil is formed with blonde peat, black peat, coco fiber and perlite. PH levels should range between 5.5 and 6.9 and the EC levels have to be between 0.7 and 1.1. Its mineral nutrients NPK composition is 12/14/24.

This soil will retain a lot more nutrients than other substrates. Your plants won’t need big amounts of fertilizers so that will be a saving. On the other hand it is easy to over-fertilize the weed plant, so you should be careful.

7L pot plant needed 1L of water a day during the flowering stage but fertilizers were only used every 3 days.

Janeco Light Mix (Atami)

This mixture isn’t as light as others as it contains some nutrients to help your plant with the first growing phases. Some growth liquid will still necessary, though .If you don’t fertilize your plant with anything else during the entire process, it will end up lacking nutrients. As far as humidity retention goes, this soil is in between BioBizz light mix and Canna’s professional terra. It doesn’t retain much water but it’s not too dry. It’s the preferred option for those who check on their plants every day and water them if needs be.

When using this type of soil, a 7L pot plant needed 1L of water every 36-48h.

Super Soil for Weed

Super soils is a type of soil that some growers prepare themselves to give the plant what it needs at the right moment, including all the nutrients and the right PH levels. This soil is 100% organic and is meant to replicate rich soils naturally found in nature. Some growers reckon this is the best soil for growing weed.

Creating your own super soil is harder, more expensive and more time consuming than buying store products. Obviously, the results are very rewarding and your cannabis plants will surely appreciate it.

Good quality super soil needs to have five ingredients: minerals, organic material matter, living organisms, gas and water. It also needs to be rich in Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus.

Some super soil recommended organic amendments would be bone meal, worm castings, wood ash and compost.

Super soil can be reused at least three or four times given the right care. Some purists believe that the more you use it the better it gets and that it would only need some re-ammending after each season.

As shown above, substrates have different qualities and it’s hard to decide which is the best soil for weed. You just have to choose the one that best adapt to your grows.

Hopefully thanks to this article, making the right choice will be an easier task.

You’ll find more tips and advice on how to grow cannabis in our blog and our YouTube Channel. Please don’t hesitate to check them out.

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